iDeclare My TRUTH! (Golden Gears)

My name is ___________ and THIS is MY TRUTH (Golden Gears)

B16FB95C-6835-45D3-A103-1E39941986DFMy name is _____________ and THIS is MY TRUTH! Golden Gears are designed to get your gears going, to open your mind, and to take you on the journey of discovering self. Here I would like to share a Golden Gear with you – iDECLARE!

Care to Self Reflect!

The declarative statement, my name is __________ and this is my truth, forces one to reexamine who they are and put life’s elements into perspective.  It causes SELF REFLECTION!  Self reflection is the beginning and ending of many things.  However, most importantly it is the bridge between hindsight being 20/20 and healing.

Something like a detox, making this declarative statement at different periods throughout time, is sure to remove toxicities from your mind.  It will also put you in a place where you learn to be vulnerable, open and honest with yourself.  Since everything starts with self this exercise is surely to be intimate and empowering. Here I would like to share my newest iDECLARE Golden Gear with you!

“Everything I went through was a test of mind for me and a testimony for others.”

My name is Kenyatta Monique and THIS is MY TRUTH! I am many things. I have lived a life that cannot be compared to others yet is the same as so many. A life filled with what some would call struggles yet I prefer tests. A life that could be referred to as unfavorable, yet I prefer the term meaningful. There have been both highs and lows but it’s all a matter of perception.  Everything I went through was a test of mind for me and a testimony for others.  Life is cycler.  I have learned yet I’m always learning.

I am a El. A wombman. A Goddess. A Creator. And A Leader of Nations (Mother).  A provider of all things. Therefore 10% of any one subject and/or 20% knowledge of all things just will not do!   I study everything because SELF is composed of ALL THINGS.  iDECLARE that infinity does exist; I will know it, it is within ME!

Align Goals with Intentions

This was my latest iDECLARE – Golden Gear.  The importance of this exercise is not only to show you your mirror image, but to also paint a clearer illustration of who you actually are (outside of the title or name) and aligns goals with intentions……

Which happens to be exactly why I am here, what I was born to do, and what comes most naturally to me.  So in this blog I will bare it all and share my knowledge, wisdom, and experiences in hopes that my testimony will spark a LIGHT in each of you.

*If you perform this exercise please leave a comment or feedback.

– Kenyatta Monique

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