2017 Recap / 2108 Affirmations

Sometimes my Facebook Friends are privy to post that I have yet to put into Luminous Life Links! Here is One of Them:

This year has been quite a year for me. I learned a lot. And I grew a lot. This years true recap! 😁🤯😩🚗 💏 🎉🏘🤰🏾😭🌤💪🏾😀🔥

1. I quit my job (I couldn’t stand not being the mother I never had and wanted to be. My son being moor important than a job I bust my ass at for years with nothing to show). <<<talk about a mental break down<<<

2. The father who I helped in his down time by providing him & his loved one at the time a home… whom I still love dearly but won’t deal wit, shit on me. I Got his disability going and as soon as the check came in (after I quit my job) his ass checked out (this left me nearly homeless, in tons of “debt” and taught me never to put myself in a position like that again).

3. Moved across Country as a result! (With only my sons things and wat could fit in a vehicle)

4: Reunited with the love of my life. Who has been carrying my rollercoaster of emotions on his back, every since. <<<keeping me afloat<<<(I love you bey).

5. Became an Auntie to baby Maverick!

6. Finally getting life back (out of mom’s and into my own spot again- thanks to my big cousin who let me rent her spot- no credit checks or property management).

7. Miscarried. Meanwhile my mom praises and thanks Jesus for the miscarriage! Smdh, the parental support I’ve had for 28 years! Yet even still it and she has been apart of the makings of me (Perseverance)! Dad spent three hours talking to me about him and his problems that day…(sow much for parental support)…

It’s the end of the year, I’m happy, and I still got the family I made!

Moral of the story: fuck the family you were born into and invest in the one you created. They will have your back like you won’t believe. I love all my family but dammit I choose to feed they asses with a super long spoon. I know now that no one is worth my sanity nor forward progression.

At the end of it all, my strength is still Unmatched, my testaments became testimony’s, I learned who is for and against me, and I learned that the God in me is love all the time, so I don’t have to fight fire with fire… I can simply choose to throw up my mental middle finger and walk the other way.

2017 Great Year, Great Lessons, Great Love, 2018 LETS GET IT!

Which led to my Affirmations:

And ultimately to this GOLDEN GEAR!!!

Slow Down! & Recap everything you went through last year and up until the present moment.

As you do this,

Remember the lessons you learned (or access what you think you were supposed to learn).

Realize you made it through all of those very things that seemed so difficult or discouraging in the moment of. It was a test and you ACED it!

Prepare yourself for the next chapter in your story by setting boundaries and standing firm in your new Truth!

As Always Peace, Love, and Light!!! -Kenyatta Monique

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