Spirituality is a Lifestyle!

Starting this blog is something I have been thinking and talking about for over a year. (Which I have to admit- life happens!) As I started doing research as to how to make my blog successful, it seems every article touched on the importance of having a niche.

As someone who refuses to be limited or boxed in, the idea of limiting my blog to any one thing…OUT OF THE QUESTION.

Then it occurred to me that although my blog is meant to Motivate and Inspire, Spirituality is a Lifestyle! A lifestyle that includes: vaginal (yoni) steams, tantra, yoga, vegetarian meals, head wraps and natural hair, holistic health remedies, meditation, manifestation, herbs, essential oils, magic, etc. Some I’ve been walking in for quite some time and others we may experience simultaneously. One thing I’ve learned is that Parallel Universes infinitely exist!!!

I’m excited to be able to share with you not only wisdom gained from past experiences but also my personal process for all of the aforementioned!

Remember: Sharing is Caring and Spirituality is ALL Encompassing!

Peace, Love, & Light!

-Kenyatta Monique

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