Why you should Let Go of Familiar Energy Vamps!

Ever had some great news you wanted to tell someone only to get there and they are, as usual, in a not so pleasant mood?

Ever been in a great mood only for someone to come around who was what we would call “down in the dumps”?

How about the people who feed off of your positive energy without replenishing it?

These people whether they know it or not are Energy Vampires. They in one way or another suck the life force energy out of you, little by little or sometimes a whole lot at one time. It can be a daunting task to decide whether to continue on with these individuals or not because of whatever attachment we may have. Here I have put together four reasons why it is important to remove ALL negative energy from your life.

  1. It weighs on you. Each time someone is talking to you, you hear them. Each time you hear them, you are taking what they are saying into your psyche. One it is in your psyche it becomes a spiritual war (depending on the information). A war of two opposing energies. Your mind becomes a battlefield much like that of the person speaking or venting. You can take on that energy and become it.
  2. It creates unnecessary frustrations, causes exhaustion, and affects your health. Negative energy is like a leech to a host. It feeds on you! Although sometimes “perceived” negative energy can be beneficial (motivation), in most cases you benefit nothing from it. In fact it is proven by science that negative energy, by way of emotions, can play a major role our physical and mental health, leading to problems and ailments ranging from depression to anger issues, to hypertension and obesity.
  3. Holding on to negative energy disallows you to continue to help yourself and others. It’s difficult to give to someone what you don’t have to give. After being stuck in a negative place for so long it begins to drain you of all your energy. This makes helping someone else quite the feat. Even if you have the energy, now your intentions have to be supper on point!!!
  4. You can’t make decisions that will change other people’s lives, only they can do that. This is vital to remember because you can give all the advice, motivation, and empowering speeches you want but until the other person is ready to receive the information and make a positive change for themselves, your efforts are null in void. “You can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make him drink it.”



***Keep in mind***

Taking on the energy of someone else is a real and potentially serious thing. At some point the listening/Positive party will have some decisions to make. That decision is often rather to endure or reject, to fight or take flight. However you look at it, there will come a point where you will come to a crossroads, you or them.

Never let anyone make you feel bad for taking a few steps back, especially if it is from them. No one can control the pace in which you walk on your journey nor can they force you in a certain direction. No one can make decisions about what is best for you like you!

Peace, Love, and Light

-Kenyatta Monique

“We control the pace at which we experience things in our lives by the choices we make.”

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