Familiar Friday

Familiar Friday’s Coming Soon. I know what you are thinking…What in the hell are Familiar Friday’s? I short, Familiar Friday is my way of supporting those who support me; as well as any upcoming artists, writers, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Each Friday I would like to showcase the talents, ingenuity, and brilliance of my fellow brothers and sisters. As a lover of all things Art, I would like to show support not only for the art but the beautiful people who make such things possible.


In order to be featured in a Familiar Friday post, you must subscribe or follow this blog page and follow me on Twitter or Facebook. Once that is complete, simply send a professional bio, along with a link to your craft or business page and contact information to luminouslifelinks@gmail.com. Make sure to put FAMILIAR FRIDAY in the Subject line.

Added Bonus

Each individual and/or business featured on Familiar Friday has the option to add his or her information to the upcoming directory: Luminous Links Network Directory (LLND). This is a directory that is being put together and will be offered as a free download to each person that subscribes or follows Luminous Life Links the Blog. Get your dreams, art, business ideas,or business out to a different crowd. Capture a larger audience, more clients or customers, potential sponsors, etc.

Promote yourself and allow me to PROMOTE You.

Who knows what can happen when extraordinary people collaborate!

Peace, Love, & Light

-Kenyatta Monique

One of the most important things you can do is build a network of great and like minded people!

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