I dream of a place…. some would call it “Heaven”.

I walk with my eyes closed, yet open to the beauty of every living thing.

In this place all matter is respected!

A cup is a cup but a cup is within me and a cup is Godly!

In this magical land, No one person feels superior to another based on any label because….

Even though we have labels the only feeling we encompass is Unconditional Love.

Me and the Cheetah share the same skin, my mother is yours and your father is mines.

Men understand emotion/intuition and women comprehend logic.

Children remain pure and the elderly are immortal.

Everyone takes care of one another and money doesn’t exist.

Everything is aligned and for this reason all our needs are met in abundance.

All people know we are one family.

There is balance between the negative and the positive.

Mama Earth is restored by way of our restored minds and bodies, thus humans have no restrictions.

Everything is everything and everyone is everyone in this place called Heaven.

Peace, Love, & Light

-Kenyatta Monique

“This paradise, this world, it’s heaven if we make it!”

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