How to Buy the Ultimate Gift!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, people are typically out looking for gifts to surprise their loved ones. Regardless of what occasion the gift is for, there are some things we should keep in mind when shopping for the ultimate gift.


Most people just want to feel that someone is paying attention to them. (Plus who wants to spend money on a gift that the other party won’t use. That’s a waste. )

That’s why buying gifts with the person you are shopping for in mind is so important. You want to shop for something they would like verses something you want them to have.


“It truly is the thought that counts. So don’t be afraid to put some thought into it.”

The best outcomes come from planning. So ask yourself the following questions before you go shopping:

What are THEY interested in, what are THEY fanatics about? Do they hit the gym regularly? Does he have a major interest in music and/or sporting events? Maybe she is a fashionista who likes shopping, makeup, and perfume!

Gift examples for the likes of those mentioned above include but are not limited to:

Health Conscious Gifts ideas – Take a trip to your local GNC or HEALTH FOODS MARKET. Gather a few target items together (supplements, herbs, essential oils, protein, new workout gear,etc) and put them in something the person could also use! Such as a basket, a crate, a duffle bag, a bucket…all depending on the gifts theme. Feel free to do the same for all of these gifts. A makeup bag and new brushes and perfume for her. Or new headphones or a new tool kit for him.

***Don’t forget to decorate it!!! *** (The Dollar Store has tissue paper, tape, and lots of other things you could use to jazz up your gift)***

-Remember the best gifts are the ones that create memories! Go to a comedy show, try poetry night, see a play, jam at a concert, relax at the spa trip, etc

-Get especially crafty or provide a service. What’s more special than a thought out and organized special night in (or out)! Experience an unexpected night without the kids! If your feeling sexy cook a meal, make love coupons, set the mood, etc. (LoL).

-If you prefer to give money, try getting crafty with it by adding an activity e.g a scavenger hunt, digging for gold.

-Find an old friend. This takes serious commitment but it’s a very special gesture for someone you love. You don’t necessarily have to fly someone in like on tv. Getting the contact information is Moor than enough for most in these situations. You spend most the day on social media anyways. All it takes is a little bit of information and investigation to find someone who knows somebody who knows somebody!

In conclusion if you’d like to gift someone think outside the box. Most people tell you what they want without even thinking about it, you can catch it if you are actively listening. Pay attention to that persons comments, emotions, and body language as they talk. Put to & to together and have fun while doing something for someone else.

Peace, Love, and Light

-Kenyatta Monique

“Give from your heart NOT your wallet!!!!”

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