He approached me SMELLing better than any fragrance that had ever entered my nose, what a pleasant yet MASCULINE smell. You know, when natural pheromones mix with cologne.

I expressed…

You cute and all but that only appeals to my eyes (SIGHT)

That may work for some women but as for me……..I … require….more!

He has to go deep!

Can he TASTE my thoughts and stimulate my mind…my intellect…and then feed my soul knowledge, wisdom, and understanding?

See, I need him to know more than what’s just beneath the surface!

Because a man who attempts to buy me, just to get between my thighs, later to reveal he wants my heart, could never satisfy me.

I need my King to…speak all that is good into my (h)EAR so it can….

Travel to my mind where it……enlightens me, giving me that feeling….

You know, the one most don’t know is possible without TOUCH!

But he touches me…more than, physically…as he…tells me and teaches me….about me….Gods & Goddesses, Sacred Energy Xchange, Mental Sparing, the Art of War, the Holy Trinity and SPIRITUALITY!

Give me joy and pain; agony and pleasure; good and bad; ups and downs; boredom and spontaneity!

Now King are you able to,

AWAKEN….My SIXTH, 7th, 8️⃣th, 9th, and infinite SENSES????

Peace, Love, & Light Family

Kenyatta Monique

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