Attention, Pride, Love

Attention Anyone!

Lesson: Lately my son has been whining excessively. By the time last night rolled around I had had enough, it was time for us to have a little talk right (LOL)! As I climbed into his bed it came to me, I have been incredibly busy lately and my son is used to a certain amount of attention (not to mention he is 3 & growing). As I sat there I asked my son if he needed attention. He looked at me with a look like huh, but I noticed he had stopped crying/whining. I had him repeat the word after me ATTENTION. Then I proceeded to explain. If you need attention you never have to act out, all you simply have to do is say Mommy/Daddy/Whoever…I want Attention. Sounds good right, surely he didn’t understand to I took it a step further. Legend, Attention just means you need love and there is nothing ever wrong with asking for Moor Love. He said ok mommy and we hung out and played until he felt comfortable.

I say that to say this, parents if we slow down in our day to day just long enough to think about the needs and wants of our children, instead of just how their actions are affecting us, we may begin to see the bigger picture. I could have spanked my son, or whooped him (I am a firm nonbeliever in spankings unless warranted). I could have told him to stop crying because there was nothing physically wrong with him. But I would have been wrong. There was something wrong with him. He was in need/want of Moor Love. And that describes all of humanity, what makes the difference is how we go about getting it.

What would the world be like, if we all followed big mama’s advice, “closed mouths don’t get fed”? What energies would be consumed and returned by the universe if we all stopped acting out and simply asked for the things that we want or need? And gave freely what we have?

My son, who has an advanced yet small vocabulary in comparison to others, is still learning to articulate his thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Meanwhile, us adults are just too prideful to ask. A world without pride could just be the start of a world full of love.

Peace, Love, & Light

-Kenyatta Monique

“A world without Pride could just be the start of a world full of love.”

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