Fantastic February – Monthly Vision

Happy February,

Happy Black History Month,

Just be HAPPY!

So as you may have noticed, I changed up the blog a bit. I’m a structured wombman, so I needed to add a little Moor organization to this thing! I hope you all approve of and love the updates because I do! Plus the organization helps me to organize my mind so yes, great things are coming!

At the beginning of every month there will be a post covering my monthly vision. Here is my vision for Fantastic February!

  • This month (like every month actually) we are celebrating, loving, learning, and sharing.
  • It’s Black History Month so expect post on our culture that celebrate and educate.
  • Feel & share the love for Valentine’s Day + tips & tricks to help you prepare before and after.

Make sure to stop by every Monday (Moonday), Wednesday (Winsday), and Friday.

Learn to celebrate and love yourself every Moonday.

Educate and expand your mind with Winsday Wisdom,


Get acquainted with new faces every Familiar Friday.

Peace, Love, & Light Family

-Kenyatta Monique

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