Living in Black Girl Magic

Living in Black Girl Magic

Black Girl Magic was introduced to the world in 2013 as a social movement. It was built to congratulate black women who have overcome stereotypes and unfavorable circumstances. Although people tend to jump on the bandwagon of social movements due to catchy slogans and possible publicity, as a deep thinker, I’d like to express that all melanated females, whether girls or women, are born with what they call Black Girl Magic, whether they have tapped into it or are deemed by others to be a success or not. We are born, MAGIC!

So what does it mean to live in it? It’s simple. Be yourself unapologetically! Sounds cliché, I know, allow me to elaborate.

It means I can be witchy and empathetic like my Great Aunt Liz. Or handle business, be personable, and have fun like my Great Auntie Cat.

At the same time I can be rather introverted yet compassionate and intuitive like my G-Ma Estelle. Strong willed like her mom, my GG Lucille. Or full of worry & loyalty like my grandmother’s sister JoAnn. I can be a busy body like my mother, Lynda Faye, or non-compromising like my younger self, Kenyatta P.

I can showcase any of my many faces (characteristics) at any given time because I am multifaceted.

Living in MY Black Girl Magic means that I am a compilation of all things. Magic flows through my veins as water flows in a river, offering me everything I need to defy the odds, while providing the strength to live a life of nonconformity, and inserting the courage within me to do so openly. Its Transformation! It’s the ability to wake up everyday to heal myself and assist others!

My roots reach through darkness into Earth’s inner core and the foundation of my DNA can be found in the dark matters of space! MY Black Girl Magic IS Spirituality, because I am Moor than Black Girl Magic! Being who I am Is Magic.

I was given the opportunity to work with three Melanated Goddesses on what it means to be Living in Black Girl Magic. Make sure to stop by each of their pages to find out what Living in Black Girl Magic means for them. Then think and write about what it means for you! We want to hear your responses!

Read my sisters truths as well as subscribe to each of their blogs:

Bernie of King

Sapphire of Queens of Virtue


Shanisha of Honestly Me

Happy Black History Month! Enjoy, love, and spread yOUR MAGIC!

Peace, Love, and Light

-Kenyatta Monique

“Being yourself can be really hard when you don’t know exactly who you are.”

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