Spirituality…Issa Process!!!

As I talk to people from all over the country, it’s common that I’m asked, when did it all start for me? (Referring to my awakening). As I reflect I can say that I’ve always been who I am. However, I, like everyone else lost my way at some point. Hence the journey being self rediscovery.

Working for WorkSource – the Lows Before the Highs!

After getting out of the service, medically, I elected to stay in Washington State. I went to school and did a work study program at WorkSource.

I remember being told by a guy there, I think his name was Mike, that I was going to have to start living for myself. I worked there in 2012. It wasn’t until 2014 that I affirmed.

Between 2011-2014 I had experienced domestic violence, resurfaced emotions from childhood trauma’s, and the loss of my Grandpa Leon. I was broken!

Mike’s words LIVE FOR YOURSELF echoed in my mind, New Years 2014. And that was my focus. Five days later I found out that I was pregnant. That was the beginning for me!

I stopped living my life according to anyone else’s standards. I realized I couldn’t make everyone happy and I stopped trying to. I made me happy. I stopped comparing myself to others. I put myself on my own time line. For the first time I embraced me!

I started to dig deeper into who I was for my son<<<which by extension is for me>>> I wanted him to know exactly who he was without a doubt. This took me through phases. From African American to West Indian. From Native American to Autochthonous. From Black to PAN African to Moor. From Christian to Hebrew, to Muslim to Moslem (I Am). From self help books to religious text to history and now law! I Am On the Road to Freedom with knowledge as vast as my Ancestors!

I want to leave you with my favorite Scripture:


Spirituality is a Never Ending Process of Self Rediscovery and there is Moor than one way to reach the finish line!

Change your Perception, Change your Mind, Change your Life! I charge you to live for you!

Peace, Love, & Light

-Kenyatta Monique

Each storm is a test. It’s a rites of passage into the next dimension of living. Issa Process!

7 thoughts on “Spirituality…Issa Process!!!

  1. Marla says:

    I think we all get lost at times but it seems you definitely had the strength to move forward with your life with spiritual help. I applaud you for that and it is inspiring and motivating to read about someone struggles and how they moved through them. Get living for yourself and it sounds like you are the right track – through loss of loved personal trauma,and all life throws at you. Thanks for sharing your story!

    Liked by 1 person

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