Familiar Friday Introduces Malk Naz : The Man, The Artist, & The Legend!

It is my pleasure to do my very first Familiar Friday on such an incredible artist! Malk Naz has been playing in my car stereo for years! He is finally making “The Wave” from indie to I’m going to do this following my own vision. With great business associates, impeccable family, loyal fans, and a network that would make anyone jealous; its pretty safe to say Malk Naz, born Malcolm Martin, is on his way!

Malk Naz is a Wilson, North Carolina Native with roots spreading the entire Western Hemisphere from New York to Guyana! With great influencers and a Sauce all his own, there is no subject that is off limits to this lyricist. If you want to be turnt in the club, the club Banger “Tarzan” is sure to get you lit! If you are politicking with family “I Know” is the soundtrack for the event! Hanging with your other half, check out “Medicate”. Maybe take on a road trip while listening to “Trip to N.Y.”, or island cruise with “Riddum”. No matter the occasion nor the mood you’re in, there’s a song for you!

He doesn’t write songs, he creates SoundTracks!

I got a chance to chat with Malk Naz, as he is gearing up to drop his first EP CONTRA.

This is what he had to say.

Kenyatta Monique: Who is Malk Naz the Man, the Artist, & the LEGEND?

Malk Naz: The Man is the one there in the spaces where needed, the spaces that weren’t experienced. Even if I know things, people, or situations aren’t right or are wrong, I still try to do the right thing. Even when no one is looking! Especially when no one is looking! That way just in case anyone on the outside sees it they can be like, yo….he’s doing the right thing! He might not be carrying it the right way but he’s doing what he believes is the right thing. Always making the right decision, looking for balance, and just being positive. That’s the Man!

Malk Naz: The Artist is the Creator! The one with the creativity, always going, always thinking, always working, and never losing any chance to grow stronger or smarter in the position he is already in. The Artist can just paint that picture whether it is mentally, physically, you know…words, gestures, whatever it is, it is just all creation. That’s who that is, the Artist!

Malk Naz: The Legend! Most people don’t become Legends until the transcending of when they are gone so between now and the day I, as they say, “leave here”…I’m going to keep doing lots of things. Some things I don’t even remember doing but the people who I’ve done those things for, they remember. You all have to deal with the Legend when I’m gone and that’s him. That’s what it is. It’s the last stage; you got birth, living, death. I’d say the legend is the stage after death! I haven’t finished everything I have to do yet to be a Legend, so I’m just adding notches to my belt, that’s what the Legend is doing!

Kenyatta Monique: What do you want your legacy to be? What do you want people to say about you once you are gone?

Malk Naz: Not sure of my legacy, yet, but I dream it to be miraculous! At the end of the day, when I’m gone, I just want someone to do it better than me. I don’t really want people to say too much about me. I’d rather them speak on the things that I’ve accomplished over time and how I accomplished them, without the physical world. I had to go to this certain place and form and push through. People could never understand how and when I “die” that’s what I want people to say, Whats the Secret? That’s the message I want to Live on in regards to me. And…I want my story and the life I’ve lived to tell them!

Kenyatta Monique: Thanks for taking the time out for Luminous Life Links! We appreciate you and your Art. Can you tell the people where to find you at?

Malk Naz: Be on the lookout for the EP CONTRA, February 28, 2018! Anyone looking to contact me can link with me via……

Facebook: @ Malk Naz

Twitter: @ Malk Naz

Instagram: @ Malk Naz

Sound Cloud: Malk Naz

Familiar Friday is designed to introduce you to upcoming artistry! These people are business minded yet experts in their fields and like no other when it comes to their crafts. Enjoy the work of someone new every Friday, while broadening your network at the same time.

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Peace, Love, & Light,

-Kenyatta Monique

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