Prepping for a Sexy Night….Grab the Baking Soda!

It’s 2018, if you are a woman and you are dead wrong! (Almost all the things that we put into <tampons & condoms too!> and around <pads & soap> our yoni’s are bad for our health and contain chemicals that raises the risk for cancer development)

I’m not sure mother’s even teach their daughters this anymore but in the event they do let me help you out by introducing you to a far healthier and more beneficial alternative…BAKING SODA!

If you were taught anything like I was….you were told to douche after your cycle, to clean things out. It never occurred to me at such an age that the body is self cleansing machine and the menstrual period is in fact the female reproductive system doing just that, cleansing itself, amongst other things.

Then we were taught about vinegar and water! As I watched an old Mike Epps comedy special, he called this concoction the Snap back! The audience laughed as everyone (in a certain age bracket) knew exactly why!

So why Baking Soda?

Its the Nu Snap Back 🙂

No, but seriously…..

The first reason is because you probably have some in your pantry right now! Outside of that and it’s crazy low cost, baking soda has many uses. Sodium bicarbonate has the ability to detox, neutralize ph balance, soothe muscles, clean surfaces, etc.

It can be used in shampoo to remove buildup, add some to your toothpaste for a whiter smile, try a DIY natural deodorant, make a paste for a treatment that will remove hair for good, use it as a detox, or add a couple tablespoons to a glass of water and treat your lady business to an all natural douche. Douse your yoni with it or ingest it as a drink. I prefer the bath or dousing method. (However drinking it has additional benefits such as assisting with relief for acid reflux.)

This rinse will restore your ph, eliminate odors, and tighten your vaginal walls! This makes it perfect before and/or after your intimate encounters. I would not exceed more than once or twice per week!

With Valentine’s Day a few days away, you can use the above method or place 1/2 a cup in your bath water for the same affects. Just make sure to moisture your skin and drink plenty of water as baking soda can be a skin drying agent.

After such a treatment I generally use Vitamin E Skin Cream or Coconut Oil instead of lotion.

Now don’t take this tip to mean you don’t have to shower regularly, hydrate, nor eat right. Your outside reflects your inside, and since we all know that we are what we eat, let’s make sure we’re tasty! *Start Cranking Up that Fruit Intake Today! #EatToLive

So ladies, after you’ve purchased all your rendezvous items, make sure to add baking soda to your routine somewhere between washing your hair, shaving or waxing, mani/pedi, and setting up the display!

Enjoy your time, take care of your health, and enjoy each day for it’s filled with Magic!

Peace, Love, & Light

-Kenyatta Monique

“I’m no doctor, I’m just a girl who’s in touch with the divine feminine.”

Below I attached 2 pictures in case you are in need of any additional Valentines Day ideas…. this was for a special birthday surprise (on a budget) but everyday is a holiday when you’re walking through life alongside the one you love. And it’s usually the simple things that mean the most!

-Beys Favorite Snacks + Personalized Notes



-DIY Love Coupons (includes date coupons, spice it up coupons, and down day coupons)

-Reusable Rose Petals

-Breakfast For The Morning After!

-Balloons, Cards, Candles & Edible… (Arrangements)

*Lingerie is optional when you know your taking it off!


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