Love is a Beautiful Complex Simplicity! (What I Learned about Love!)

I want to start off by saying Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. To often we allow Holidays to dictate our current emotion. So whether you are single, married, separated, or divorced….Happy Valentines Day!

Take the day to love the people in your life regardless of the circumstances.

  • If you are single, fall in love with yourself again or for the very first time.
  • If you are married or committed, remember why you “fell” in love in the first place and/or spice things up a bit.
  • If you are separated or divorced remember to love and thank that person for what they taught you and the growth you received from the process.

A few things I learned about love!

  1. Its not the picture it’s painted out to be, yet it’s beautiful because you get to create your own portrait.
  2. Every day won’t be a good day. Don’t allow your mind to override your heart. (Find the harmony between your mind and your heart.)
  3. Love is living in the moment! And this too shall pass!
  4. There is no place for pride in love.
  5. True love requires you to be vulnerable and selfless. You will have to put your pride to the side. You will have to accept and admit to your faults. You will have to look at things from another perspective/point of view!
  6. Love is a journey! Journey’s no matter how beautiful require work. Most of that work being mental! Mental work where you learn not to deceive nor sabotage yourself.

So Find, Wait, Request, Manifest….

Be with someone who doesn’t mind the travel! Who will grow with and alongside you. Who accepts the light and the dark sides of you but will still set you in your place if need be! Someone who will comfort you but also give you those Harsh Truths. The ones you need in order for you to grow. Someone who is willing to risk it all, bet their last dollar, and live for you & your happiness, while you live for them and theirs!

Spilling my own Tea! My Love story!

Me and Bey met and fell in love in 2013. (Hahaha-It could all be so simple….🎶) ….I wish that was the whole story. In fact we were two broken young people looking for all the wrong things.

Fast Forward>>>>>

Not even a year in, we get pregnant. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this wasn’t going to work out! Even though we did “try” for our son.

BAM…>>>|The Split|

It didn’t work out. We both said plenty of dirty and disrespectful words. We hit below the belt like it was a sport. We were both hurting and needed to heal and grow….ALONE!


Lots happened during our split but we maintained contact for our child. As we grew individually we grew collectively. We were still ONE Team! ONE Mission! We just loved ourselves until we were ready to love someone else. Then we individually consulted with the Universe!


Rekindling didn’t come without the talk. We talked about what happened when we were together, what happened when we were apart. We stated our bottom lines and vocalized our standards! We did all the talking we should have done the first time around! We became friends. And in an instance it was like I remembered why I loved him the first time, what attracted me to….everything I couldn’t see with my vision so cloudy and my heart filled with pain. Back then I couldn’t see who he was. I began to see that he was everything I had been asking the universe for.

Everything that Glitters….can be gold depending on how you look at it. We still have our moments. We still disagree. Argue. We are still learning, but we are both beginning to realize it’s not who you can live with, it’s who you can’t live without!

Bey, I love you for being especially patient with me. For accepting my good and bad and for holding me accountable for being better. Thank you for surprising me with your unwavering heart and generosity! Thanks for every motivational word uttered, every inspirational sentence, every thought out stanza, every helping hand, every moment of clarity offered, every thought put into perspective. Thank you for being my calm, my peace, and thank you even Moor for allowing me to love you.

The TakeAway! Love is a Beautiful Complex Simplicity!

Love is Beautiful: it is in the eye of the beholder! Don’t let anyone put limits or restraints on your love!

Love is Complex: some days are good, some days are bad! There are highs and there are lows! Ins and outs, but you always get to determine its worth!

Love is Simplistic: Remember that although it’s complex, it’s the simple things that matter the most! Treat your spouses heart with the compassion you desire to have bestowed upon your heart!

Peace, Love, & Light Family!

***Don’t forget to keep it saucy tonight!***

-Kenyatta Monique

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