The Black Athena-Goddess Neith

A couple days ago I went to the DAV (Disabled American Veteran Association) to handle some business. After signing in, the African American (Moor) Man whom I sat with the day prior (the COMMANDER) called me back in his office, “ATHENA”. Now y’all know my name is Kenyatta, however I knew he was talking to me. He had observed my family the day before watching our moves and interaction amongst one another. As I left ATHENA was on replay in my mind.

I am not one for Greek Mythology and I wondered what the hell he knew about it but I undoubtedly had an interest in the Kenyatta-Athena connection.

Who is Athena?

Athena is the Greek Goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and strategic war.

Interesting I know but I wanted Moor! Especially since we know that Greek Mythology is a revised version of the original which even predates Egypt.

Goddess Neit(h) – The Mother of All Gods/ The Great Goddess

Neith is the Egyptian Goddess who provided the inspiration for the Greek Goddess Athena! She is depicted with the head of a lioness, cow, or snake.

Her titles include: the Goddess of weaving and domestic arts. (Weaver of Fate)

The Goddess of of war and hunting (dating back to Pre-dynastic Egypt, 6000-3150 BCE).

The Red Crown Goddess of Lower Egypt, and Goddess of the Delta.

The Cow of Heaven (Sky Goddess) and The Great Flood or Mehet – Weret (the cow who births the son, Ra, daily).

Neit is believed to be self created and go have had the ability to procreate without men.

She is the mother of all Gods (thus impartial) and the Universe. She is often shown breastfeeding her son Sobek who happens to appear as a crocodile God (Reptilian).

Above all else she is best known for her wisdom. (Wisdom is always represented by a snake or reptile).

It is said that she came up with idea of Mummy Wrappings as a gift to the dead, she came up to the solution of Seth replacing Osiris, and she took on part of the duty of blessing Canopic Jars.

Neith is honored by her followers each year during the Festival of Lamps.

Whether you are a believer, worshipper, or follower of “Mythology” the stories (accounts) are always interesting and educational.

As it pertains to Neit remember, “I Am the things that are, that will be, and that have been!”

A Little Education

If you have no idea what a Canopic Jar is you aren’t alone as recent research has just made me aware. Canopic Jars are containers used to hold the soft organs of the deceased. The Ancient Egyptians would take the internal organs out and store them in a jar to slow down the decomposition of the body. This process would be somewhat equivalent to embalming.

Side Note: Ancient Egyptians believed the bodies organs were vital to be reborn into the Afterlife. (Makes sense why so many black people don’t do the organ donor thing)

Fun Fact: Did you know the natural satellite/ moon of Venus is named after the Egyptian Goddess Neith? Later it was speculated as a planet that orbits the Sun every 283 days and Venus every 1080 days.

In closing I would say he was very right (Minus the name he gave her)! I am everything like my Mother!

Peace, Love & Light,

-Kenyatta Monique

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