Familiar Friday | Eye M Awearness

This week on Familiar Friday, I’m excited to share with you guys EYE M AWEARNESS!Eye M Awearness is a clothing line developed and designed by Sna Zo Lee. Sna Zo Lee has come up with designs that extend back to a date, time, and age of deities, herbal healers, and hieroglyphs. In his designs you get a taste of the past, the present, and the future paired with beautiful colors, intricate patterns, and a cheaper than most price tag.

Why spend money on labels when you can express yourself and cop customized gear today!

Now that you know why I love Eye M Awearness, get to know the man behind the creation.

Sna Zo Lee

 Sna Zo Lee was born and raised on Chicago’s Westside. “Growing up in poverty was rough, but it taught me many valuable lessons.” Lessons that ultimately made him who he is today; a man of principles who possesses a great appreciation for all things.

Eye M Awearness Inspired by and Inspiring Others

Having gone through a Spiritual Awakening, Sna Zo gained a deeper innerstanding of life, the universe, and creation while walking alongside his ancestors. Eye M Awearness is the outcome of this wave (cycle) and he is fearlessly sharing it with us all.

Eye M Awearness is on a mission to share Enlightening InnerG, so that others may be Awakened.

Random Facts about the Creator

  1. He is a Dreamer. As a kid he wanted to be in the NFL so he played football. To escape the streets he recorded music and had Music Industry dreams,      until he gained knowledge of the INSIDE INDUSTRY and lost interest in getting “Signed”.
  1. He still LOVES Music! Years ago he released a CD with a group called “Mustafia”. He also has a solo mixtape and finds it hard to stay out of the ‘stu’ (studio). He expresses “I probably got like 20 album hits, may drop a few songs soon.
  2. Quite Accomplished. Roughly 10 years ago, Sna Zo started a fruit business that operated during rush hour called “FRUITS OF MY LABOR”. It is still in operation today! Get your On the Go Fruit Bags & Cups!
  3. Family Oriented. Spends most of his time with his children and designing graphics for clothing.
  4. Sna Zo is currently enrolled in Mental Magic Omniverse City (MMOC).

 ****Sna Zo Lee Shout-Outs***

“Eye give Praise and Thankhs to The Creator as well as Our Ancestors as We Embark on this Great Journey through Life.

Remember: “We can Create and Manifest on this plane while we are Experiencing this Amazing Life”

Vibe With Sna Zo Lee:

Facebook: Eye M Awearness or Snazo Lee

Instagram: Eye.Am.Wearness

Email: tefwacc@gmail.com or moeman777333@gmail.com

Website: http://tefwacc.wixsite.com/eyemawearness

Familiar Friday is designed to introduce you to upcoming artistry. These people are business minded yet experts in their fields and like no other when it comes to their crafts. Enjoy the work of someone new every Friday, while broadening your network at the same time.

Each person showcased in the Familiar Friday lineup is available for and open to networking and sponsoring opportunities. The contact information is true and concise; if you want to discus business, bookings, or future projects, don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

Click here to learn how you too can be apart of our Familiar Friday lineup.

Peace, Love, & Light,

-Kenyatta Monique

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