Back in 2016 when I hit the second wave of my awakening I became moor aware of my physical body. (In the first wave, came the realization that I was not my body. The second wave taught me that the physical and spiritual go hand in hand, so take care of the body you do have!) I made the decision to stop covering up my health with all the fluff. I traded in makeup, weaves, acrylic nails, etc. for a lifestyle that would give me all of these things naturally in exchange.

I cleaned up my eating cutting out pork first, just to see how my body received the changes. I felt incredible. Next came meat in general. And I began to feel even better. I opted for shower filters and fluoride free toothpaste, along with anything else that I felt would help to clean up my system.

Then it occurred to me…..detoxing! This would help me cleanse my body of all of the left over toxins. Then I would be on my way to an even healthier me. And this is essentially what happened! I didn’t think about upkeep at the time. All I knew was that I was feeling good and on my way to feeling better.

There are plenty of detoxes out there. Look it up! You can take a detoxing bath, drink detoxing water, try detoxing smoothies; you name it! I am starting out the same way I did before, which is with detox drinks. This time I am detoxing because I miss that light feeling I had before, not to mention I been slipping back into old eating habits. (Did you know sugar is only one molecule away from CRACK!)

As I dig into my mental archives and incorporate different detoxes back into my everyday life, I will make sure to come back here and share them with you.

First Up the Benefits of Detoxing – BETTER HEALTH! Who argues with that? What else do you need to know to make you at least try it? What do you have to lose? Doesn’t matter because you have EVERYTHING to GAIN.

My Daily Detoxing Drink of CHOICE

Apple Cider Vinegar (w/ MAMA)

Bottled Water

Lemon Juice

Raw Honey


Cayenne (a pinch)

*Each ingredient has its own health benefits.


Simply give the ACV a good SHAKE, combine all of the ingredients, mix well, and drink. ENJOY!

WAIT… No Measurements

Do it to taste! If you can’t tolerate the taste you are less likely to form the habit. I don’t recommend any more than 1-2 tbsp. of ACV as it is acidic, you definitely want to dilute it.

*This gentle concoction has fat burning and metabolic enhancing properties.

Can’t take the Apple Cider Vinegar

Many people can’t stomach the bitter taste of vinegar. Never fret, detoxing waters are here to save the day. Try Infusion!


Mix up your favorite tea or grab a bottle of water and lace it with your favorite fruits and herbs. Again each ingredient has multiple health benefits, so put in some work and look them up to tailor your drink to fit your needs.

Typically when I am not in the ACV mood, I mix water, slices of lemon, raw honey, add mint and ginger root.

Don’t forget to try juicing!

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Peace, Love, and Light

-Kenyatta Monique




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