Majestic March (Monthly Vision)

March is Here!

As a Pisces, yall know I am super excited that March is here! Not only is my solar return coming up but March is really when the new year begins. March is just so damn Majestic! I mean think about it, Pisces are March babies; the most intuitive and dreamy of all the signs. They have psychic abilities! That is Magic! The New Year is in the Spring when things begin to come back to life. When the world is moor colourful! In light of that Majestic March is sure to be Lit!

Here is my vision for Majestic March!

  • Almost 30, Welcoming 29!
  • This month (like every month) we are celebrating, loving, learning, and sharing
  • Our focus is on Self Love, Magic, and Manifestation
  • Tips, Tricks, Knowledge, and Health
  • Familiar Friday!

Recap: Last month, I started our Facebook Community and Youtube Channel.

Our Community, Luminous Life Coaching, is the go to place for Tips, Tricks, Knowledge, and Advice hence the Name: Luminous Life Coaching | Tips, Tricks, Knowledge, and Advice.

Here you also get the chance to ask those questions that family and friends don’t have time to answer. Or questions that you want answered but wish to remain anonymous. Questions regarding dilemmas, relationships, parenting, life, business, etc. are welcomed.

As a life coach I give advice but what’s even better is that encourage you to take your power back by providing you with my experience.

The YouTube Channel, Luminous Life Links, was created for those of you who prefer videos as opposed to articles. The channel will be all encompassing and go hand in hand with the Luminous Life Link Brand!

I hope to see you all there!

Peace, Love, & Light Family

-Kenyatta Monique

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