Moonday Magic | Mamas Remedy | Black Seed Oil (Benefit & Review)

A lot of people sleep on having a morning routine. I swear by it. Organized mornings lead to organized days and thoughts for me.

So why not use the time during the morning to implement some self love. This time self loves comes in the form of healthcare, preventative maintenance, or avatar treatment!

We discussed why you should have Mama’s Gift of apple cider vinegar and baking soda in your medicine cabinet but make sure to leave some room for Mama’s Remedy | The Holy Grail | Black Seed Oil!

Black seed oil is an ancient remedy dating back centuries and spanning lands across the globe. It is used to cure, prevent, and treat various diseases and ailments.

The Mechanics

Black seed oil hails from the Nigella Sativa Plant (Nutmeg Flower). They are the home to a multitude of vitamins and minerals. A powerhouse of nutrients.

The Muscle Twins

1. Thymoquinone

2. Thymohydroquinone

The muscle twins are your body’s go man, its ace, its day one! They work much like a virtual assistant; they may not be seen but they are very much present and providing of all the things the body needs.

The twins are anti










How to use it…

A teaspoon a day with honey, or alone

Black seed oil capsules

Can be applied topically

What to use it for…

Everything! I originally ran across black seed oil as a weight loss aid. After doing some research and deciding, as I do so often, that I had nothing to lose, I gave it a try. And along with dieting, exercising, and a lifestyle change I did lose the weight and rather quickly. In about 2-3 months I was 50lbs down. This was around the same time I stopped eating meat.

There were other uses I had studied or researched including using Mama’s remedy for skin, hair, and nails! I started taking it daily (the oil) and noticed huge improvements in my energy levels, the amount of migraines I had per week, my skin lesions healed rapidly, and my lab results came back unremarkable across the board for the very first time!

In this article I listed the ways that I have used black seed oil in my home. There are over 101 uses for The Holy Grail.

I would and actively do recommend black seed oil to any and everyone who proclaims to care about their health. Do you have black seed oil in your meddy cab? If not get some, if so, what’s your thoughts and opinions?

Peace, Love, & Light

-Kenyatta Monique

7 thoughts on “Moonday Magic | Mamas Remedy | Black Seed Oil (Benefit & Review)

  1. Carlon M Newson says:

    I so wish I could stick to both a morning and evening routine. I love to hear how beneficial many find having them is. As for this black seed oil, your article is the first I’ve heard of it. I will have to locate it and try some. Your results are remarkable. Thanks for sharing. ~Smile!

    Liked by 1 person

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