Winsday Wisdom | Spring Equinox | Happy New Year| March 20th, 2018

Many people aren’t aware of the Spring Equinox nor its meaning. To most it is just a period of time where we “Spring Forward”, Spring Clean, or wait for them showers that bring May Flowers. (Mayflower huh-Interesting)

We adhere to time changes without understanding why the time changes, we clean up for the fad, and does anyone really like the rain when we grow up screaming “Rain Rain Go Away…!”?

Regardless of any of the points mentioned above, Spring Equinox is on its way!

What is Spring (Vernal) Equinox?

 In the article Imbolc– I told you that February 2 was the midpoint between the winter equinox and the spring equinox. Well the Spring Equinox is the midpoint between the winter and summer equinoxes. Our ancestors worshipped it is the start of a New Astrological Year. It pinpoints the Earth’s balance, better yet Harmony!

When is Spring Equinox?

 This year, 2018, the New Year begins on March 20. It is a Sacred Day.

What about the time?

When we spring forward and time changes, it is nature’s reflection. Although nature would do just fine without us playing with clock time, during the Spring Equinox, or the beginning of the New Year, we lose an hour of sleep (night) and gain an extra hour of work (day). Days become longer and nights become shorter, as opposed to fall when daylight retires at about 5:35!

On a grander scale, on this day, the day and night are exactly 12 hours apiece.


 In the winter vegetation dies, or goes to sleep, animals hibernate or migrate, and people tend to stay in doors to participate in holidays while avoiding low temperatures. Life slows down in the winter. Around the Vernal Equinox, everything starts to reset. Flowers are nourished and soon bloom, animals return to their habitats and/or come out to enjoy fresh air (getting ready to bear offspring), and people eat less while preparing their bodies for the summer! In other words, Regeneration happens in the spring. Which brings me to Easter! Although Easter is in April (the first full moon after the equinox) and thought to be a Christian holiday (More on this in a future post), it is a “Pagan” tradition that represents fertility and rebirth. ***Keep in mind Paganism refers to any belief or worship outside of Christianity or any other major religion.

 Why do we celebrate?

We celebrate the Spring Equinox, to show that we are grateful for transitions and welcoming to new life, rebirth, & the beginning of a new cycle. It is also our way of uplifting Mother Earth after her winter rest and thanking the universe for breaking inertia, bridging the gap in the circuit, and creating movement.

Things to do!

 If you are interested in celebrating the Spring Equinox, showing Mother Earth Gratitude, or building a closer relationship to your ancestors, start with celebrating the Spring Equinox by getting out into nature. Here are some things you can do:

  • Spring clean your home, body, and mind
  • Set up a Spring Equinox Altar
  • Participate in Grounding
  • Gardening- Plant your seeds.
  • Visit a Botanical Garden
  • Feed the animals and/or Create a bird feeder from popsicle sticks
  • Get out & Let Natural Air and Light in.

Spirituality- & Quick Math

Remember life happens in cycles. After 9 comes 0. 9 is completion (death), 0 is new beginnings (life). Nothing dies, Everything Transforms! You cannot die without living but you can live without dying! If the Earth can be reborn, better yet awaken, then so can you! All you have to do is set it in your mind.


(My Favorite Part)

This is also a great time for manifestation!

Homework: Start working towards making all of those great ideas you had during the winter, a reality. Write out what you want to do and how you are going to bring them into your world (the physical). #iCreate


Tell us your personal or business goal and then us what you are doing today towards receiving or retaining said goal. #IAMACTIVE

In honor of this Sacred Day, and the real New Year. Hashtag #IAMACTIVE or #iCreate and let us know what you plan to manifest into your world this year.

As always Peace, Love, & Light Familia,

-Kenyatta Monique

You cannot die without living but you can live without dying!

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