Familiar Friday | It’s Friday. Let’s Get Familiar!

Happy Friday Familia!

Let's Get Familiar!

Usually on Friday mornings, I would hit you with a Fabulous Familiar Friday Article. As much as I love to share myself with you all and share you all with others, there is someone who needs and deserves a little more! LEGEND. Many of you know that last year, I was placed in a situation that left me in familiar yet unfamiliar territory. I was used to people dragging me through the mud, as a means to an end. Those people took advantage of a good person and a great heart. Like a true Lotus, I always spring fourth to the surface and I make it look damn good while I do it. This time though was different. Although I am used to grinding hard and hustling harder, I’m even used to people watching me defy the odds as if it were a sport (a reason to not help me…shit that’s Kenyatta she got it!). But this time I was a mother. And unknowingly to most, I’ve been terrified! It’s been quite the rites of passage, life lesson, wave, ride, or Journey. And I been slaying it thus far.

I’ve been working crazy hard to get in a financial position again… to where I can live comfortably while taking care of my son! Mostly getting out of the masses of debt that last situation left me in.

In true fashion when I work to hard my son reminds me that he will never again let me hit burn out! Not for anyone! (him and I included). Every action he makes, every word he speaks, Every Bit of his energy is telling me “Mommy take a break!” (How dare I not listen, He is a GOD…How do I know….I CREATED HIM!) Plus as we are one I know he is disheveled and confused because lately my thoughts have been such.

“See we can’t get so caught up in taking care of our families materially that we forget the nonphysical needs of those very same people.”


In order to keep the PEACE…there will be some changes happening with out Familiar Friday Lineups! Our New Familiar Friday Mantra is this:

Yeah its Friday…TIME TO GET FAMILIAR!!! Share with us (in the comment section) your business, blog, artistry, goals, etc. Don’t forget to include a link to where we can find out more about you, your work, your movement, and your art! Tells us what you do! Get Active Gain Exposure! #ICREATE #IAMACTIVE

Stay Light!


-Kenyatta Monique

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