Moonday Magic | Music Therapy | 10 Songs Guaranteed to Raise Vibes

Orange Red Brush Beauty Hair Instagram PostSo I was supposed to be writing my next two post covering two more of mama’s gifts or remedies. But as I got dressed and “jammed” to some of my favorite songs it clicked in my head. Music is totally magic. March is magic. Girl you can’t talk March and Magic without Music!!! So I’m still going to give you mama’s gifts and remedies. That will be on going here at Luminous Life Links (and I have some incredible new remedies to tell you about when I resume). But as for now….let’s talk SOUND, Vibration, Frequencies, Music, and Magic!

The Knowledge 

Music is special. It has the ability to reach people across all nations and any tongue (much like LOVE). It heals people. It inspires, uplifts, and encourages people. Its about the frequencies and vibrations, along with our connection to everything that is. Music goes into our ears as what we would call “sound” and reaches our brains by way of frequency and vibration. This is for the pleasure of our God Body. Our Subconscious Mind. The Dark Matter existing within. The Ether that connects us to any and everything that we could ever think, see, taste, feel, smell, and beyond.

10 Songs.jpg

The Science

Although music is processed in the auditory cortex portion of the brain, it not only activates the motor cortex (which makes us active via dancing, clapping, etc.) & Broca’s and Wernicke’s brain areas (responsible for language processing), but it also stimulates the hippocampus (which connects to memories) along with the nucleus accumbens, amygdala, and cerebellum (who’s function is to stimulate emotion). Ever hear a song and flash back or can pin point back to what happened that day down to what you wore? This would be the reason!

No matter what study you look at pertaining to music and the brain, it will more than likely (almost always) show that music strengthens the brain and changes its structure. Music also releases dopamine, which improves focus and productivity.

***Fun Fact! Musical Frisson is the name of the “chills” or goose bumps you get when listening to moving music!

Music Therapy

A great tool that is often overlooked. Music has the ability to be a stress reliever and a pain reducer. Music can also increases our motivation and improve our immune functions. It LITERALLY touches, shapes, and molds every portion of the brain.

Speed up your healing, improve your cognition, boost your creativity, and increase your optimism with good and quality music.

Prof. Dr. Alfred Tomati said, “Sound is a nutrient for the nervous system. Love your ears…they are much more important than you ever realized.”

Any sound we hear goes into our brain and creates patterns into our subconscious. That is why it is important, no matter what form (eyes, ears, or mouth), to guard|filter anything what we ingest or take in.

“Keep your music as clean as your food. Eat to Live and Hear to Love.”

Although, 432 Hz may be the best frequency for our mind, body, and spirit; on the day to day we aren’t hearing much, if any, 432 Hz music. If you can’t beat them join them…..Here are a list of my favorite songs, which happen to be apart of what I call Feel Good Music! Guaranteed to raise your vibes! Enjoy!

10 Songs Guaranteed to Raise Vibes.png

The List

  1. Bruno Mars- Anything upbeat! But Currently Finesse (what a great move for Cardi B- you go girl!)
  2. Wishful Thinking – Vivian Green
  3. My Song – Alessia Cara
  4. The Man – Aloe Blacc
  5. Refill – Elle Varner
  6. Wonder – Emeli Sande
  7. Crooked Smile – J. Cole
  8. Bigger Than Life – Rich Gang
  9. Most High – Jerzee Monet
  10. Golden – Jill Scott

Bonus Song:

My Future – Major

***Remember, the music we listen to at any given time, is often tied into how we feel, that’s just the way it is!

How are you feeling today? Name the last song you listened to, the song currently playing in your head, or a song that describes your current mood.

Peace, Love, & Light


-Kenyatta Monique

“Change your music, Change your vibe!”

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