Moonday Magic | Mama Said Find Your Tribe | Reasons to Find Your Soul Tribe!

What is a soul tribe?

You know that family that is not a family, but is more of family to you than your actual family?

You know the ones who show you that blood may very well be thicker than water but they are both life sustaining?

No matter how you want to look at it, family is what you make it. Your soul tribe may be to you that group of people who are always there with a listening ear, those folks with like minds and morals, or maybe a community (LGBTQ/BillionariesClub/Housewives/Etc.). One thing is certain, there are numerous reasons it is important that you find your kinfolk. Here I will discuss three.

Why is finding yours so important?

  • Replenished energy. They breathe life into you as often as you speak life into someone else. “Who’s there to save the hero after she saves the world?” is a question posed by Beyonce’ in the song Save the Hero. She speaks of a girl who is there for everyone yet deep down is drowning. There have been multiple times in life where I felt as though everyone was draining me of my energy and no one was there to put anything back into me. This has been something my soul tribe has mastered. When you find your soul tribe chances are the Love will be recognized almost immediately. You will feel it radiating in your body. It is through words of encouragement in a world where everyone’s mind is ONLY on Self, that your tribe will add food to your plate (mind), thus nourishment to your body.img_1245
  • Support! There is always someone who has been through what you are going through but just hasn’t shared the experience…. your soul tribe provides the support you need simply through sharing. Those who are unsure of them selves are less likely to vocalize their ideas or views. Once you are amongst people who are open with them selves and love themselves for who they are you will begin to carry these characteristics. Before you know it you will be expressing yourself freely and ongoing support reminds you are not alone in your thinking and/or feeling. Aren’t you glad that Birds of a feather flock together!
  • Lifted Spirits. Life seems easier when your spirits are lifted. High spirits allow you to live in the moment. For instance, someone who is happy in their relationship, is not concerned with past nor future. Sure after time passes they may make plans but ultimately they are consumed with being happy in the NOW. With lifted spirits our perception of reality changes and often times we begin to see that Reality is whatever we make it.

Conclusion – The Bonus

With replenished energy, support, and high spirits you are surely to feel motivated, if not by riding the energy wave than surely by viewing your soul tribes progression. Once you get whatever it is that is dear to you going, you will find that once again your soul tribe will be your biggest support system, as well as your biggest Network. Remember the Universal Law of Attraction which to put simply states that you get back what you put out in life. So live life well, be good to others, heal yourself, and prepare yourself for Blessings on Blessings on Blessings.

Mental Magick

Special shout in to my soul family @ Mental Magic Omniversity! Each one of my brothers and sisters carries the light in their own way. ELU Familia!

*If you are interested in finding your tribe or after reading several posts you feel that I may be apart of your tribe (or you apart of mines), don’t hesitate to click the link above or reach out to me via social media or the contact me page on this site. Welcome Home!!!

Peace, Love, & Light


-Kenyatta Monique

4 thoughts on “Moonday Magic | Mama Said Find Your Tribe | Reasons to Find Your Soul Tribe!

  1. MistressoftheInk says:

    I also believe finding and keeping our soul tribe is such a valuable and wonderful part of life! Great post. Made me reflect on and be grateful for the people in my life who aren’t of my own blood but are truly connected with my own soul.

    Liked by 1 person

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