Alluring April (Monthly Vision)

Alluring AprilIt’s Birthing Season! April is Here!

Let me start by saying Happy Easter if you are a celebrator of such!


Its my 3 mo. Blogiversary and its April so lets have a little fun! If you don’t know yet April is Birthing Season. April and Easter are about fertility and sex. In light of this Knowledge we will be discussing FERTILITY & SEX! I would like to apologize in advance to any of my family members who may be offended or embarrassed by any of my remarks made this month be it blog or vlog.

Here is my vision for Alluring April!

  • Happy Easter | Ishtar | Esther | April Fools
  • This month (like every month) we are celebrating, loving, learning, and sharing
  • Our focus is on Self Love, Fertility, Sexuality, and Manifestation
  • Tips, Tricks, Knowledge, and Health
  • Lets Get Familiar | Familiar Friday!

Recap: Last month, we received our First Luminous Life Letter!!!!!!

Luminous Life Letters

Our Community, Luminous Life Coaching, is still the go to place for Tips, Tricks, Knowledge, and Advice hence the Name: Luminous Life Coaching | Tips, Tricks, Knowledge, and Advice.

Here you also get the chance to ask those questions that family and friends don’t have time to answer. Or questions that you want answered but wish to remain anonymous. Questions regarding dilemmas, relationships, parenting, life, business, etc. are welcomed.

So if you haven’t already checked in to Both Luminous Life Coaching or Luminous Life Links (YouTube), what are you waiting on!

As a life coach I give advice but what’s even better is that encourage you to take YOUR power back.

I hope to see you all there!

Peace, Love, & Light Family


-Kenyatta Monique

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