Easter/Ishtar/Esther, April Fools, & Mercury Retrograde

Happy Easter to all of you who participate in the celebration of this holiday. Happy Sunday to the other’s. Regardless of what you are doing today, I hope that you are doing it with peace, love, and joy.  In honor of today, I decided I will give you a Sunday or Easter Article. In this article I will briefly discuss Easter, Ishtar, & Esther, how they all relate, and what this holiday is truly about. (Hint: I’m not talking the Resurrection)


Yes there is an Easter, Ishtar, Esther Connection! (One Deity across Cultures)

img_3397Easter is the pronunciation of ISHTAR! Ishtar is the equivalent to Esther! The Biblical story of Esther IS the story of Goddess ISHTAR. In true fashion Easter/Ishtar had many faces (characteristics) and went by many names including: Esther (in Aramic form), Astarte (Semitic), Ashtaroth, Inanna (Sumerian), Aphrodite (Greek), ISIS (Egyptian), Venus (Rome),  Lady (Queen) of the Heavens, the Sea, the Earth, and the Underworld – making her “the great universal female principle”.

Originally people celebrated Ishtar-Astarte on Easter. She was the goddess of fertility and sacred energy Xchange. Her symbols were then and are still remain the eggs (children) and the bunny (womb|woman). Isn’t it interesting that although the majority of the world is no longer celebrating the Goddess,  her symbology still plays a key role in the Christian celebration?

Fertility, S.E.X, Abundance, Rebirth

If you read my post covering IMBOLC 2018 an/or the Spring Equinox or New Year, then you know that Spring is about fertility, Sex, Abundance, and Rebirth. This deity was the protector of the harlots and often referred to as the sacred prostitute (priestess).  Depending on your views of sex you may take that last statement as either good or bad, however it just is.  Ask yourself though why would there be a sex goddess if sex were meant to be bad. Sex is sacred energy xchange! To honor the sacred priestess, the month of April will be dedicated to sex, fertility, abundance, and rebirth! Stayed tuned if you’d like more info on this topic! I will tell you this though, sexual energy is life force energy.

Check Out the similarities amongst the photos below, also look into the history, stories, or myths about each of them to see how they compare and contrast.  They are SHE! They are the Great I AM!!!  The photo depictions in this article show: 

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April Fool’s

Through school we learn that April Fool’s is a day to prank or play jokes on others. What we in turn miss is that April has the first Full Moon of the New Year. This year our first full moon is in – Mercury Retrograde.

Side Note: The last time Easter and April Fool’s fell on the same day was in 1956 and isn’t scheduled to happen again until 2029.

*Interesting Fact: April 1, 1866 the US Congress rejects presidential veto giving all equal rights in the US.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

The Mercury Retrograde is pretty much the time period of when Mercury is moving past Earth. The  speed at which it goes forces waves of change or commotion. This is a commotion that can be felt throughout Earth and affects everything within it. As Above, So Below!

Mercury Rules!

Mercury rules communication, contracts & agreements, technology, and transportation.

What it Means?

In the absence of its Parent, the children will play! Expect mayhem!!! In light of the events it is best to avoid Mercury’s seeds during this time. Keep communication to a minimum, esp. if you typically speak before you think. Be ware that your interpretation or perception may be “OFF”. Avoid paperwork, expect delays or technology power outs. Also try not to travel during this time. Lastly if you are trying to start a new business or anything of the sort, postpone them until after the retrograde to avoid the gamble.

Once you know what’s going on in the Heavens or Cosmos, you then know how to prepare yourself on Earth! So if you have experienced any out of ordinary chaos in your life during the past 2 weeks, this may very well be the cause.

If you weren’t ready for this retrograde,  Hakuna Matata, here are some future retrograde dates. #SaveTheDate


March 22 – April 15, 2018
July 26 – August 18, 2018
November 16 – December 6


March 5 – 28, 2019
July 7 – 31, 2019
October 31 – November 20, 2019

In closing Easter is about fertility and the asexual reproduction of a Goddess (think Mary and the Pope’s Black  Madonna). And the Mercury Retrograde will cause ripples in your life. It is better to be safe (knowledgeable) and prepared than sorry and without

***Let us know what you thought about this article as well as what you do in advance to prepare for Mercury Retrogrades in your home!

Peace, Love, & Light


-Kenyatta Monique

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