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On Sunday we discuss the truth behind Easter and dedicated Alluring April to Sex & Sacred Energy Xchange. We discussed briefly how spring is about sex, fertilization, and rebirth. Can’t have those things and much of anything else without sex.  Sex is an action. It is the action of connecting two things in order to create something else be it life, an orgasmic experience, or new venture and opportunities. Lets dig in a little bit and discuss what I never learned about SEX (its NOT TABOO AT ALL)!



Lets talk about Sex Baby, Lets talk about You and ME!

Growing up, especially as a little girl, I was taught via outsiders (influencers) to disconnect myself from my sexual desires. Early on I recognized that other people were sexual and I was too. (Keeping in mind that in my youngest years I did experience what I will now refer to as sexual circumstances) Whether this was something I was exposed to via television, DNA, subconsciousness, my “sexual circumstances”, or what, may never be known but the fact of the matter is the desires existed.

Going into puberty, sex wasn’t discussed much in my home outside of not having it I often wonder what my middle and high school years would have been like if I stumbled upon the information that I am aware of today, back then, or if my parents simply knew how to talk about SEX.

What is SEX….

Sex is life. Sex is life force energy. Sex is creative energy. Sex thrusts you into another dimension where you are closer to the creator, the dark matter, the ether, thus making it possible to go here to manifest things into reality. Sex is magic. Sex done right and with the right person is an expression of the soul, although the body remains its tool. It’s the difference in having sex because you are lonely or because its “poppin”, or a perceived need at the moment and having sex to connect or create

I know what are thinking, “Girl you said we was going to talk about SEX, what the hell is SACRED ENERGY XCHANGE?”

Sacred Energy Xchange is the swapping of energy from one partner to another. Many people fail to acknowledge what we all know is true. Problems are more likely in relationships after premature sexual encounters because one or both people are sharing a host of negative energy amongst, or with one another. Have you ever had sex with someone and shortly there after you could not resist the urge to have follow up sex, even when you know the person means you no damn good? You have just experienced this person’s sex magic or you slept with a nympho and now you are exhibiting those qualities. Was the person depressed or narcissistic? Anxious or manipulative? Are you now carrying these things with you? Did you give them a new home?

Sex is a Ritual

It is a sacred ritual. It is the private dance of two stars. It is intergalactic. It is Nature. It is Healing. It is grounding. It is the merging of sacred elements. It is perfect balance. It is prayer. Meditate with your partner. Take a tantra course. Indulge in some exotica. Try Kama Sutra. Create with you partner and with each pump or THRUST….AFFIRM!

Now that I know what I know about sex, I know that sex and sexuality are sacred. I know how to use my sex magic, how to provide sexual healing, and most importantly, I know what to teach my son.  Sex shouldn’t be giving out loosely but if one should decide to do so they have every right! However doing so puts them at risk for sexually transmitted demons and STDs. Value your temple, your sex, your energy, your light, and only give it to those deserving. If you are lucky enough to have someone who is deserving don’t be afraid to try new things in the bedroom or in other places (*SMiLE*).

Have No Shame… Sex is ANCIENT!

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Now that you know what Sex is all about make sure to check out Prepping for a sexy Night prior to  receiving some ……..Sexual Healing (Rise in Power MG!).

Peace, Love, & Light,


-Kenyatta Monique

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