Taboo Tuesday | Sex Q&A | His & Hers

So, I know what you are thinking. Kenyatta, where was your ass at yesterday? Well, every since my computer died I been playing catch-up (on Life!)….not to mention still fulfilling previous commitments made to my family. Because I am one who does like to honor all of her commitments, whenever a Monday or Wednesday is missed, I will bring to you something in exchange. Something good. Something Juicy. Something that goes against the odds….against the norm, I present to you…Taboo Tuesday/Thursday!

Sounds good but what is it about hun?

Well……Taboo Tuesday or Thursday will be my gift to you. Whether we talk about what was missed or something completely off the wall. It can be on or off topic! But no doubt we will “chop it up”.

Without Further Ado…

This time I decided to stick to the monthly theme. Last month as I prepped for this month’s blog, I asked for any Questions regarding SEX and there is no better time than the present to answer them.

Mercury Retrograde (3)

  1. Can women really go long periods of time without sex? Of course this is different for each woman. But as a general consensus the longer a woman goes without the easier it is. Once the urge has passed and she shifted her energy or focus, a woman can go without sexual intercourse.
  2. How do women feel about male moaning? And the survey says…… Believe it or not women actually like and appreciate male moaning, in a masculine way of course! (LOL)
  3. Why is my pregnant wife horny all the time? I’m no doctor, however, I’d bet money that the answer lies between changing hormones and Extra Blood Flow!
  4. Why does her leg shake during and/or after sex? Well there can be one or two reasons, one she could have climaxed or reached a pinnacle (took off to another galaxy!), or two, she is dangerously close to muscle failure! No need to assume what you can just ask though!
  5. How do I know for sure I pleased my woman? To know without a shadow of a doubt if you have pleased your woman….ASK HER! Not all woman like the same things. There is no one size fits all or for sure way to pleasure her without asking her. If you’d just like some options try clitoral stimulation. It is the easier way to ensure a pleasurable evening for most women according to statistics.
  6. How do you go on with casual sex without catching feelings? You don’t. Casual sex without catching feelings is damn near impossible. Especially over long periods of time. It is almost inevitable that one party will “catch feelings”. If you are lucky, it will be the both of you. For more information of sex and emotional bondage, click here!
  7. How important is sex to a relationship? Although sex is not the most important thing in a relationship, it is pretty damn important! After all this is when you share your life force energy with someone else! For more information on why sex is important in relationships clickhere!

Mercury Retrograde (2)

  1. How do I tell my man he doesn’t please me sexually? Just tell him! If you genuinely care about him and the well being of your relationship, step outside of your comfort in order to get the outcome you deserve. As a second measure you can always just show him. Ultimately though you have to understand that control is not a good or bad thing, rather it is how you use it. Get comfortable in your womanhood, get to know your power, and don’t be afraid to take the lead with sex or with vocalizing your thoughts and/or opinions.
  2. How do I become a pro at sex (bringing utmost pleasure for my partner and I)? If you’d like to be a pro at sex, you have to be a pro at allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Sex is even more emotional and spiritual than physical. The best sex comes with an emotional and spiritual connection. It comes with a since of security. Self-security and security from the other party. You have to be willing to communicate with your partner your likes, dislikes, and your deepest most naughtiest/freakiest desires in order to truly be a pro at sex. And this would have to be done with each partner if not emotionally attached and/or there are multiple. THEN EXPERIMENT!
  3. Do you know any natural ways to lubricate? Well first things first, find out the reason for your lack of moisture. Be it medication, dissatisfaction, or emotional instability. Next do the work to change whatever that is! In short though you can use natural oils, essential oils but for the best and longest lasting result….DRINK MORE WATER!
  4. I’ve never had an orgasm. HELP! Find out what works for you. Yeah I said it. Don’t be afraid to get to know yourself! Learn what you like and what you don’t. Experiment a little bit. Get out of your own head and focus more on the moment and how it feels (physically). Think about how he makes you feel emotionally? Don’t neglect the prep work!

Dual Q&A

  1. What advice would you give someone who is single? Good Communicating involves active listening. It is listening with all of your senses. It is being quiet long enough to get in tune with your partners frequency. It is listening to what is being said and for what is not being said. It is evaluating body language. It is trusting your intuition during communication. It requires your entire being-being aware! If you are single learn to listen to yourself, if you are dating continue to perfect listening to yourself, while you learn to listen to your significant other.

So there you have it, His & Hers Sex Q & A’s! I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget you can always ask questions or chat with me in the comment SEXtion!

Also if you’d like to see what the fam and I been up to, find out here!

Peace, Love, & Light Family

-Kenyatta Monique

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