WINSday Wisdom | Ditch Those Panties | 7 Reasons To Let That Yoni Breathe

World PressFreedom DayWhile the majority of women prefer Victoria’s Secret, Haynes, & Fruit of the Loom…there is a smaller percentage of the female population who opt for “Going Commando”! Here’s why!


Going commando means there aren’t a pair of clean undies in your handbag unless it’s that time of the month! Going commando means you enjoy the breeze on a windy day! Going commando means you don’t practice the religious wear of undergarments.

Why did you ditch the panties?

I was always taught that the Yoni needed to breathe. I can hear mama saying, “You gotta ain’t that thing out!” It became a normal practice to not wear undergarments to bed. There is something totally liberating about letting your body parts fall where God intended. Not to mention freedom from unnecessary restriction!

What are the benefits?

1. Increased Circulation (Cardio Health)

2. Prevent infections with breathability.please join us

3. No panty lines, wear what you want and look better in it!

4. Save money…or spend it somewhere else!

5. Less irritation! There’s no elastic to pull on hair nor pinch the skin!

6. Get your sex Life jumping! Increased circulation paired with sporadic stimulation gives you that tingling feeling you know so well 😉! Add to that the fact that he knows its always accessible.

7. Exchange the stench for an aroma! Panties tend to trap bacteria and moisture which often causes a stench! Dropping the drawls (Lol) allows you to trade that girlish stench for a wombmanly Aroma!


There are many benefits to going pantyless! If you’d like to embark upon this journey. Remember:

1. Always keep a pair of undies accessible. This comes in handy for unexpected periods, and shopping experiences.

2. Only wear your pants once!

3. When you do wear panties choose cotton!

Mercury Retrograde (4).png

Although we focused mainly on ditching the drawls. There a benefits to losing the bra as well. Those include but are not limited to : better circulation, better form(shape) in the long run, and improved skin and muscle health!

Different strokes for different folks!

Outside of the benefits listed above, leaving underwear behind is a step in the right direction if spirituality is your quest. You’d be surprised how removing two items of clothes helps you to get and stay in alignment. You never know what you like nor how your body will respond to certain stimuli without trying. Give it a week. See how you feel. If you like it continue if not, what did you lose?

Peace, Love, and Light

-Kenyatta Monique

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