Taboo Thursday | Happy 4-20! | Happy Earth Day! | 5 “Facts” (From a Stoned Perspective)

Tomorrow is 4-20!

Y’all know what that means…Stoners everywhere will be kicked back, relaxed, and ELEVATED 🙂 No doubt they will be star traveling, but they will also be improving their health, liberating their minds, spreading love & laughs, eating good, and sharing knowledge or enlightenment. The last one they will at-least be attempting to do 😉

The Herb, Weed, Marijuana, MJ, Chronic, Gas, Tree … one of the many gifts bestowed upon us by our MOTHER!

“She’s so Dope She Gave Us Life & Dro!”

Which brings me to MOTHER EARTH!

In honor of 4/20 & Earth Day 2018 (4/22) let’s Speak on and learn More of her GLORY!

Stranger than Fiction…Science Says it’s a Fact!

But What does Medicinal Elevation say?

Here are a few Earth Day “Facts”:

1. Science says the Earth slows down 17 milliseconds every 100 years. This is also interesting because science or atleast scientist theorize that if the earth stopped spinning then a catastrophic event to some capacity would occur. It’s suggested that inertia would cause mama earth to have muscle spasm. Or a giant planetary aftershock! The earth water and everything in it “could” shift sideways at 1,600 kph.

2. The only place in the Solar System you can find water in all three states (solid, liquid, gas) is EARTH. Could this be due to the Giant Impact Hypothesis? This basically states that Theia feminine energy collided with Earth (Gaea) to form one and birthed the Moon. Supposedly earth is also the only planet with TECTONIC PLATES!

3. Hudson Bay Area (Canada) has a gravitational anomaly is 0005%, making it the only place on earth with less gravity! (SN: research local health stats)

4. The Equinox was named after astrological events surround the sun & the Equator. Any word starting with (EQUi- deal with equal or having equal *balance*) Did you know that roughly 90% of the world’s population occupy the Northern Hemisphere & 40% between the Tropics. Most people live at least 24 degrees from the Equator.

5. No one really knows who named Earth! This may be the truest fact! But if they can’t say who named Earth how can they say for CERTAIN that 400 millions years ago, before trees, Earth was covered with Giant Mushrooms! The mystic in me says hell yes! Jack in the Bean Stock, Fairies, & The Secret Garden! THE ELEVATED ME (the SPIRITUAL ME) SAYS THERE EXIST NO ABSOLUTES!

Regardless of who named it, how long it’s been around, & whether or not it’s flat…. (I say it just is…if I had to pick, however I’d say Hologram!) ….She is no doubt our mother and nurtures each of us individually and collectively (At the same damn time!). Much like our physical Mother… She recycles Herself, reinvents Herself, and harnesses Her energy all in efforts to raise up a Nation of Gods!

This weekend and up until April 27th, I challenge you to get out the house if you can. Enjoy the elements, whatever they are (safely, of course). As you center, ground, pick up trash, dance in the rain, open the window to let the light and air in, feed the animals, light your blunt & meditate. Whatever you choose to do, allow your mind to remain receptive to Spiritual Realm Parental Downloads!

Peace, Love, & Light!

-Kenyatta Monique

6 thoughts on “Taboo Thursday | Happy 4-20! | Happy Earth Day! | 5 “Facts” (From a Stoned Perspective)

  1. Dae says:

    It’s cool that Earth Day is encouraging people to leave their homes and get to know Mother Nature. I don’t do anything like camping but taking long walks outside tend to always help me clear my head than being indoors. I just hope the east coast weather picks a season long enough for me to enjoy being outdoors. A few of these facts I didn’t know like where the word Gaea came from (as I’m into science fiction and hear that name in variations) and it makes for an interesting read. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. labellevieblog17 says:

    I really love the twist you put on this piece about earth day! It is very important to get out, explore and learn about this earth as much as we can. It is very difficult as a parent not to sleep in on the weekends. I try to plan an activity on one of these days so the kids can get out of the house. We do frequent the library which is an excellent source for learning more about Earth Day! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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