Taboo Thursday | Fertility Tries | His and Hers | Tips

design-2So by now everyone and they mama should know that I’m past ready for my second Nation (child). Not only do I want to have a lot of ‘Cheerin’ but I also want them somewhat close together. My son is currently 3 so I feel what better time than the present.

If you aren’t familiar with my story the short recap….I was told that I would not be able to have children without “help” due to “PCOS”. And of course…my son is here today. Now… I’m no longer the spring chicken I was, so I decided that “help” was what I made it. I went inside, asked for help, researched, and here is the help that I received.


Tip 1: Do Not Claim Your Ailment, Stay Positive, & Trust in Your Abilities.

Tip 2: Prepare Your Mind & Body.

(If you:  smoke, stop. Eat poorly, eat better.  Don’t drink enough water, drink more water. Don’t exercise enough, get out more! Treat your body and mind as if you/you’ll are already pregnant)

Tip 3: Have Fun

Do not think so much about having the baby that reproduction becomes the main reason for having sex with your partner. Remember babies are spun from love. It is the contractual agreement of two souls creating one that produces the Covenant. Enjoy your partner,  be tantric/erotic, Ignite the passion and above all else Have Fun.


Food. It has been proven that male diets rich in antioxidants and female diets rich in folate produce the healthy development of cells and a healthier environment for reproduction. This means healthier sperm for him, healthier eggs for her, and a healthier baby for them.

***Foods high in folate include but are not limited to: green leafy veggies & avocados, yams, chia/flaxseed, citrus fruits, black beans, green tea, quinoa or brown rice, oatmeal, banana’s, nuts & seeds, and prenatal vitamins.

***Foods high in antioxidants include but are not limited to: berries, figs, olives, spinach, sweet potatoes, walnuts, eggs, salmon, pumpkin seeds  zinc vitamin

***AVOID: anything in excess but more specifically: pork, deli meat, soda, alcohol, caffeine


Ylang Ylang (Topical)

Cypress (Aromatherapy- Pregnancy Trial Stress)

Lavender (Topical)

Fringed Rue (orally)


Selenium – Improves chances of implantation, protects reproductive system and organs from free radicals & increases male sperm count

L-Arginine – Thickens Uterine lining. Improves circulation to genital tissues. (Erectile Dysfunction)

Co Q-10 Enzyme – Improves egg quality

Vitex chaste berry – corrects hormonal imbalance in women

Macca Root – Supports hormonal balance, sexual function, and increases energy, stamina & mental clarity

***Make sure to consult a Doctor before taking adding any of the aforementioned supplements to your dietary routine!


Peace, Love, & Eternal Light

-Kenyatta Monique








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