Alluring April Recap

I hope each and every one of you has had as much fun as I, in Alluring April! So many great things happen every April and I hope you had a chance to enjoy them all.

The past month has been a great one for Luminous Life Links. We celebrated, loved, learned, and shared. If you missed any of this months post here is the monthly recap.

We started with celebrating Easter | Ishtar | April Fools and talks of Mercury Retrogrades.

Taboo Tuesday or Thursday

·         This month we covered Sex Q&A’s (His & Hers)

·         We made our Lets Get It On Music Playlist.

·         Learned  Earth Day Facts (From A Stoner’s Perception)

·         Discussed Aphrodisiacs & Lastly Fertility Tries

***If you especially loved our SEX or Taboo Articles check out for similar and interesting reads!

Winsday Wisdom :

·         We discussed Sacred Energy Xchange

·         Learned the benefits of not wearing underwear


Familiar Friday Changes:

·         Changes included self-posting options each Friday. From Familiar Friday to Lets Get Familiar

The YouTube Channel, Luminous Life Links, was created for those of you who prefer videos as opposed to articles. The channel will be all encompassing and go hand in hand with the Luminous Life Link Brand! I hope to see you all there!

***The YouTube Channel was also created as a way for me to force myself outside of my comfort zone.

Lets grow together.

Peace, Love, & Light

-Kenyatta Monique

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