Moonday Magic | Dutchess Cup Review | Detox Your Period

img_4319About 2 years ago I detoxed my period. After finding out what is used in the production of our sanitary napkins and products, I thought to myself…”What did the ancestors use?” There just had to be a safer way that preferably didn’t involve paying the “Pink Tax”. The answer was cloth. I ran to Amazon and looked for the perfect reusable cloth sanitary napkins.

Here is the link for the ones that I chose. These were pretty great but if you are anything like me I hate doing laundry and well, these things have got to be washed EVERYDAY!

So I graduated to the Dutchess Cup. No more running to change my mommy pamper, instead I ran my butt right back to AMAZON and purchased my first menstrual cup set. Ya’ll, I do not get paid for reviews. I am writing this review because multiple women have asked how I liked the Dutchess Cup. If more than one have asked well then there have got to be more. I know that to be true because I, too, felt a bit intimidated by the cup upon first impression.

Here is my Honest Review of the Dutchess Cup

The Cost.  $15.99 on Amazon.

The Idea. The idea of the menstrual cup is that after inserted the menstrual cup catches the menses until removed and discarded. Sounds odd but the menstrual cup is actually inserted into your vagina and rest in the free space amongst your reproduction organs, capturing cycled blood as it makes its departure from the female anatomy.

The Materials. While pads and tampons contain the same talc that we hear about in those medical law suit Johnson and Johnson commercials, Dutchess Cups are made of medical silicone.

The Size. The very first time I say a menstrual cup I thought it looked quite large. I was ecstatic when I received them in the mail and realized that they were much smaller than I had imagined. (I’m knowledgeable and smart about a lot of things, measurements is not one of them!) I ordered a size B (small). This is the recommended size for women who have not had children or who have not had vaginal births.

Difficulty Level. There is a slight learning curve to inserting the Dutchess Cup. I recommend wearing added protection for the first day or two of your initial cycle using the menstrual cup.  With that said, the suction of the cup plus the magic of the body, the learning curve will last no more than one or two insertions trials, three at max.

Daily Assessment

Day 1.  I boiled my cup and inserted as per the instructions. After inserting my Dutchess img_4317-1cup I did feel a bit of a cramp. However if you know anything about your body and your lady parts you know that contraction is ok, unless it persist.  (Persistent cramping after insertion of the Dutchess Cup can indicate misplacement, in which you would remove the cup,  wash with soap and water, and reinsert) I did wear a panty liner as an added measure of protection.  That night I did sleep in one of my old cloth pads.

Day 2. Generally the worst day of my cycle, this day was no exception. I did notice that my cramps weren’t as bad as normal although they were still present. At the end of day two I opted to sleep with my Dutchess Cup in as well as a cloth sanitary napkin.

Day 3. I woke up feeling great. I was so confident in my cup and my insertion method that I wore white while on my period! I even bossed up to sleeping with just my cup at the end of day three.

Day 4. The last day of my cycle went well as predicted.


  1. I loved that, depending on my flow of course,  I didn’t have to “empty my cup” for hours. The cups hold up to 15 mL, which if you can image the average woman releases about 50 mL per month, which equals up to averaging around 10 mL per day for a five day cycle. Day two of my cycle was the day that I had to empty my cup the most.
  2. Every woman knows that uncomfortable feeling she gets when she coughs, sneezes, or laughs to hard while on her moon cycle. It is kind of hard to embrace the beauty of it all when you have the not so friendly fluids gushing sporadically out of your lady parts. With the Dutchess Cup and its placement technology, this is an issue of the past. Thank God and whoever came up with these designs for that!
  3. I can continue going commando with the Dutchess Cup.


  1. Removal of the menstrual cup can be a little messy if you are not careful.
  2. Changing of cup in public scenarios is difficult.

All in all I love my Dutchess Cup. I recommend it to any woman who would like to detox her period but doesn’t like the smell of old blood nor the thought of daily laundry.

Peace, Love, and Eternal Light

-Kenyatta Monique

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