Message of the Month | Remembering Why I Started | Getting Back To Me!

It is already the 15th of May and I should be absolutely ashamed of myself for just now giving you guys the message of the month. Truthfully though, I needed this break to evaluate some things, get myself right, refocus my energy, and shift towards greater things. In the midst of all of that I also gained more knowledge, insight, and wisdom to share. I’m not quite sure where this blog is going to lead to but one things for sure…I’m riding it out!

Mystical Mays Monthly Message: Don’t forget you can just ask!

Often times I wait until I’m at my absolute worst. I wait until I’m tired, exhausted, burnt out, and desperate even before It clicks that…. I can just ask for help! And not the kind of help you ask a friend or family member. The kind of help you ask your spiritual parents, the universe, your ancestors, and your subconscious mind!

Don’t be so independent you forget that we are made to be interdependent. Don’t be so hell bent on doing things or handling things YOURSELF, that in the midst of trials, you forget the divine system is designed for you to prosper and that all you have to do is let go of your pride, put your ego to the side and simply ASK!

Lately I’ve been feeling my chakra imbalances physically. It led me to a recent social media cleanse (Mainly FB as it is the one I used the most) and down the road of intense self interrogation. I’ll admit, I’m not 100% sure of the conclusion of everything I’ve been experiencing, but the one thing that stuck in my mind throughout the weeks was remember why I started.

Remembering why I started what?!


See it all started with my son. I remembered coming up with the idea of a Heritage Chest for him. In my mind it was like leaving him….the answers to HIMSELF…via….his family and early life experiences. He would have everything from video recordings, voice recordings, pictures, art, music, ticket stubs, old clothing, you name it…in his heritage chest.

(Make sure to check out my son’s YouTube page for some of our family adventures and ideas for some of your own!>>>Click HERE)

That idea quickly expanded to data and the internet…the idea was doing what I love to do and sharing it with others. It’s my stamp on the web and also living proof beyond a shadow of a doubt to who my son’s mother is…ME! My inner most thoughts, ideas, etc. in a place where they can exist forever although the physical stuff in his heritage chest may not. That became the Luminous Life Links brand!

See, I wanted my son to know without a shadow of a doubt who his mom was from his own account or at least from hers. And providing that information has been my soul’s mission for the past 3 almost 4 years. Now the blockage could come from steering away from that mission or from the fact that I wasn’t really doing what I want in the capacity that I want. It was time to regroup and reconsider.

So why did I start?

I started for FAMILY! I started to break my own cycles so that my children would not repeat them. I started to break my parents cycle so that my son could have healthy parents, and I started it all to encourage self-healing and strong families.

All this reflection came at the perfect time and let me tell you… Life is good!

“When you can recognize the test in the middle of the trial, recognize you are winning!”

A lot has been changing and after realizing I didn’t have to hold myself to any kind of standard outside of my own, I can see that life,as well as this blog have no choice but to blossom if I can remember to keep the balance, enjoy, and relax.

I can’t let the cat out the bag just yet but Lots of things/changes are coming soon….in my life and subsequently for this blog! I Am ReBirthed | ReNewed!

Remembering why you started is one way to get back to you or back on track at the very least….

Comment below and tell us…Why did you start your journey?

Peace, Love, & Eternal Light

-Kenyatta Monique

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