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Are you struggling with finding yourself?

Do you value the opinions of others more than you should?

Have past experiences hindered your growth and progression?

What is stopping you from stepping out of the box that is your mind and walking into greatness?

I was in the same position not too long ago. My spiritual awakening taught me that we never lose who we are (we just aren’t supposed to stop questioning, looking for, and/or finding ourselves). Self rediscovery equals a Rites of Passage!

This blog will be untraditional, informative, and welcoming. My goal is to use the innate gifts of wisdom, intellect, and compassion (along with my personal thoughts, experiences, and learned lessons) to assist others in personal healing through the power of self-rediscovery, objectivity, and inspiration.

I am a full time mother, student, teacher, and friend. I have dedicated my existence to the building up and betterment of anyone who will listen. In my free time I enjoy reading, studying, crafting and creating, spending time with family, and networking with friends.


Come in, indulge yourself, enlighten yourself, heal yourself, rediscover yourself, expand your thinking and get ready to live life in the light!

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– Kenyatta Monique

“I strive to live my life the being the best version of myself because I know the future me is watching.”