ICREATE | IAMACTIVE started with me thinking about the most important steps in manifesting. The step that more often than not, most miss… is the being active portion. Having a dream has never been enough to make it come true! Reaching the top (whatever the top is for you) will involve hard work, sweat, elbow grease, sacrifice, tears, etc. Being an entrepreneur, creating, manifesting, is about what YOU put in! Much like you get what you pay for….the work you put in on your dream will determine what the universe gives you back.

Are you sure you want to have a Plan B? 

Having a plan B makes you less available for plan A and vice versa. Although most of us wish we could just let it all go and pursue our dreams (which we actually can!), most of us have a sense of obligation elsewhere. I Am one of those people! The Key is to PLAN, decide where you want to place the bulk of your energy, pick the best time and place to start, figure out how long you want to work, set your alarm, and work your magic! (If you would like to see how I organize my days, Check out the Freebies Tab to receive a copy of My Daily Vision)

In the Meantime

Hashtag #IAMACTIVE or #ICREATE! Let us know what you PLAN to manifest into your world & what you are doing RIGHT NOW to work towards achieving said goal, dream, manifestation, business, etc.



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