What is a Life Coach?
Life Coach (noun) – An advisor who helps people make decisions, set goals, or deal with problems
This is What I Do!
img_1249Outside of the definition provided above, release whatever thoughts and/or expectations you have of what a life coach is or might do. I AM a Life Coach but I AM A FRIEND! A true one. I encourage you, empower you, listen to you, feel with you, learn with you, and most importantly I will tell you the truth! Even when the truth ain’t the easiest thing to hear nor what you want to hear. I don’t guide you, you guide yourself. My job is simple! It is to be your assistant in sorting through the clutter. That clutter being the world, your mind, your current reality, your ego! Once you are healed we will prepare! Prepare you to receive the things you want in life and give you tools necessary to ensure positivity, success, and forward progression. Manifesting is exclusive. I can not and will not help you manifest, this is done on your own, but I will equip you with the skills and keys it takes to do so.
About the Coach 

Kenyatta Monique is a full time mother, student, teacher, and friend. Her entire existence has been dedicated to the building up and betterment of anyone who would listen, along with occupations in the medical, military, maintenance, computer, and arts fields.

A big believer in universal knowledge and truth, Kenyatta supports the ideals that each person has the wisdom and power to create the life they want to live via self rediscovery.

Kenyatta has lived a life filled with personal struggles and damaging experiences, all of which she overcame, emerged even more powerful, yet remained grounded. Her journey along with her innate gifts, plus dialogue and communication, give her the keen ability to show you that you can heal yourself, help you rediscover who you really are, guide you towards your goals, assist you in finding out your true desires, and reveal how you can create for you the life you want!

Kenyatta Monique’s voyage has taken her across bumpy roads, over tumultuous seas, and through turbulent skies. She has had the highs and the lows, always finding the strength, courage, and endurance to look inside that she may start over again. Life’s experiences revealed healing, spirituality, and true purpose. All of which she is here to share with each of you.

img_0278-3If you are ready to change your life for the better, contact me via email at or via the Contact Page on this site. You can also message me on Facebook. Regain the powers you knew you had and those that you didn’t. Come and Experience Freedom!

I specialize in emotional literacy and intelligence, as well as critical thinking.