Kenyatta Monique THE KEY Maker….it’s my honor to be able to write this review for such a beautiful WOMBMAN…i first encountered this goddess on facebook and at the time i was going through a lot of personal issues and THE KEY MAKER help me Realeyes that i was holding the keys to my own chains and i could walk away from all my problems when i was good and ready. the way the goddess did it was just being genuine and leading with LOVE the most power weapon in this world…I am a war Veteran and no matter how hard i tried to avoid her truths it was to late because it was already planted and rooted….this goddess experiences gained her a wealth of knowledge in many different subject matters when it comes to life and the pursuit of happiness and she leads by example……if your hurting already i guarantee she will not make it worst just be willing to be completely open and honest from the beginning so you can achieve your goal of walking in this life weight free ONE LOVE

-Justin C. 

Kenyatta Monique is a great person, leader, provider, let’s not forget a great mother and life coach! I see her works on the masses in the nation’s of all people. We all start with that one mustard seed. Keep up the great work and I will always support and back you in your craft! Rock on Sistar. 5^ all is well!

-Malcolm M.

Very modest. Head is in the right place full of light and excitement.

-Shantae S.